Just Homemade: My Mom ! My Expert !


As far as my memory recollects, I have never considered my mother to be a separate person. She is a part of me. Growing up I had many instances with my mother and I would like to share some which had a greater impact on me.


From my childhood till now my mom has been treating me and my brother with equality. Never has she imposed anything that would make me feel the difference between me and my brother. My mother used to have this rule, whether it is my birthday or my brother's both of us gets new dress and gifts. No partiality. Not only birthdays, from simple accessories to education we were both treated even. 


I really don't understand where my mother gets so much patience from. I have never seen her angry. I used to wonder whether anger, yelling and screaming doesn't exist in her dictionary. When I started working, due to tension at work I used to vent it out at my mother. She listens to all I talk and bare all I do and the final words from her would be 'Are you hungry? I have cooked your favorite meal' that makes me cry and calm down. She is the best.


When I was in my 9th grade I used to ask for pocket money. As my friends used to have, I was also very much interested in getting it. I was not convinced even after my dad had explained me. By then, summer vacation had started and my mother gave me an idea to take up any job at home and then ask for pocket money. I liked that idea and went looking for job that I can do. Then I decided to get milk and newspaper every morning from the nearby shop. Both my parents accepted and I did it for three months and saved the money. Went shopping with my mother and got a gift for dad's birthday and chocolates for my brother, mother and myself. I was very happy about it. Then one day my mom told me that we don't take money to do jobs/chores at home but she encouraged me in doing it, so that I don't get disappointed and realize the value of money and also take responsibility in household chores. From that day till my 12th grade I used to get milk and newspaper without taking any money for the chore. 

Being a Women 

During my college days, I used to feel women are weaker and this thought used to bother me a lot. Being ragged, teased made my self-esteem very low. My mom noticed this and came up to talk. I really hesitated to talk about it but she insisted. We had a heated up discussion and I accused her of leaving the job as my dad forced her to. She paused for a moment and gave her usual smile. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke. It was never your dad who wanted me to leave the job, it was you! I had taken that decision for my kids. Your dad supported me. "Do you find me weak? " She asked surprisingly. Doing what you want is always important, being a women should never be a hindrance. Your much more stronger than you think. Being a women is a blessing !

 Our Relationship 

There used to be a lot of transparency between us. My mother used to be my dairy. I write anything and everything in it. When I speak to her, I feel as if I'm speaking to myself.  She is the best listener that I have ever come across. Many times I have asked her "why do you do all the sacrifice? Why do you miss a television show for a cartoon? Why are we first on the priority list?" No matter how many questions I asked she just smiled and said “I’m your MOM that's why!"

Seeing her from the day one, lot of things has changed in her appearance but the child like innocent smile has not changed at all. That's what flashes in front of me every time I think of her. Me being a mother now, I have started to respect my mother even more. She has done everything for me to have a beautiful childhood and a bright future. She has shaped me so well, that I did not even realize I'm being shaped. She has been a sweet medicine in the right proportions. I try my best to match her.

Overall, she has provided me with very Beautiful Childhood Memories to Cherish upon and Strong, Supportive Role Model to look up to. Thank you Ma ! 

Thanks to Godrej for providing such an opportunity.

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