Just Homemade: Daal Fry/ Lentil Fry

Picture of Indian Lentil Fry / Daal Fry
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Simple lentil fry / Daal Fry is prepared with pigeon pea lentils cooked along with tomatoes and other spices-herbs. This Daal is so flavorful, it can be best had with steamed rice or with chapatti (Indian whole wheat bread).

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Just Homemade: Turmeric Face Mask(Scrub) / Turmeric Oil


Who would not want a clear skin without pimples and blackheads? Clear and bright skin boosts confidence in everyone. With a lot of pollution and stress in the day to day life, maintaining a clear and healthy skin becomes a great challenge.

Our skin clearly indicates how healthy we are. In order to have clear and healthy skin it’s very important to care equally for the inner body as well as the outer skin. Inner body can be taken care of by eating healthy including all the necessary nutrients available in the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products and maintaining a balanced diet.

Still I remember my mom, continuously insisting me on drinking a lot of water, having good sleep and washing my face 2 to 3 times daily to have clear and clean face. She used to make Turmeric face mask and Turmeric Oil regularly for me. (Below is the recipe for Turmeric face mask and Turmeric oil). I used to have slight hesitation in using this, on the days when I need to go out as these leave a yellow stain. It used to be very difficult to remove the stain. Then I was in need of something which would satisfy my requirement of having turmeric and ayurvedic medicinal properties both together. That's when I found "VICCO Turmeric Cream" a complete package all in one. It is very easy to use, doesn't leave any stain and smells really really good. New products from VICCO are very promising and I'm very excited about trying them out. 

Turmeric Face Mask / Scrub

1) Ground Turmeric (Powder) - 1 Tsp
2) Gram / Besan / Chickpea Flour - 2 Tbsp
3) Almond Oil - 1 Tsp
4) Milk - 2-3 Tsp

* Add the ground turmeric, Gram Flour and Almond oil and mix well without lumps.(This can be stored in the glass container for later use)
* Add 2 tsp of the above mixture in a bowl add the milk and mix well forming a smooth paste.
* This paste can be applied on the face as a mask for 15 minutes and washed with water.
* This paste can be used as a facial scrub and washed with water.
* This is a basic face pack. Other variations can be done based on the skin types.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that turmeric possesses are both important in treating these skin conditions.
* In acne, using facial masks can soothe skin blemishes and heal acne scars.
* Turmeric face masks are used to rejuvenate skin. Regular use of turmeric with various combinations of ingredients can soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Turmeric Oil

1) Freshly ground Turmeric paste
2) Organic Coconut Oil

* Place a pan on medium heat and add the coconut oil and freshly ground turmeric paste.
* cook till the raw smell goes away. Strain and store in a glass container. Ready to use once it cools down.

* Reduces skin problems(scars, cracks in foot etc..)

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Just Homemade: Omelette Pizza

Picture of Omelette Pizza

Omelette Pizza is very simple and healthy dish that can be served at any time of the day. The eggs along with veggies form the base of the pizza and topped with some more veggies and cheese. Omelette Pizza is very easy recipe to make within 15 to 20 minutes and satisfies the Pizza and Omelette cravings together.

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