Roasted Garlic Olive Oil Spread

Picture of Roasted Garlic Olive Oil Spread
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Roasted Garlic Olive Oil Spread is fluffy and spreadable straight from the refrigerator. It is made by whipping Olive oil and Butter in equal proportions along with Roasted Garlic. It is a simple, delicious and easy to make spread without compromising the taste of butter. Try It you will Love it :)

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Happy Moments with Buddy Parenting


I got married and after couple of years, a beautiful angel came into my life as my daughter. All of the sudden I became responsible. Taking care of her was first on the priority list. I felt myself to be as a protector, guarding her all the time . Too much pressuring me as well her. Out of all the words I used to her, "NO" was the most. "Don't touch the puppy it will harm you!" ,"Don't lift that you will get hurt ", "Don't Do that","Don't Do this". She used to stand and stare at me. Seeing all this, one day my husband told me to stop being hard on her and let loose, she is a just kid. In the name of "Protection" I was not giving her the freedom which she deserved as a child. "Do u want to be a mom like this ? This is how you want to teach her ? was your mom like this ?" recollect your childhood and then decide what to do.  I felt depressed when I realized what I was doing. These words from him made me think the whole night about my childhood days.

While growing up I had a lot of full filled moments and happy childhood memories. I shared a special bond with my mother. We used to walk back from school along with my friends and their moms. There used to be a swing on a tree in front my friend's house. Everyday after school or whenever I pass by that place my mother will definitely allow me swing. Once when we crossed that place it was raining heavily, still my mother allowed me to swing even in that weather. I slipped and got hurt, both me and my mom fell sick and dad was mad. I thought this is it swing is done. Few days passed, we did not get a chance to go that way. Later one day, me and my mother were passing by the swing. I looked at the swing but did not ask for it after all that happened. My mom stopped few steps after crossing the swing, took me back and made me swing. That moment I was overjoyed, hugged my mother tight and came back home all smiling and excited. Many times I had fallen from that swing and hesitated to swing due to fear of falling but my mother never let me stop. That was my first swing and lovely memory of my childhood.

From then on I started to let loose on her but not completely. It was very difficult to change immediately. I spoke to my mother, all she had to say was "I lived my childhood again  with you and your brother and waiting to live it again with my grand kids :)" With support from my family I slowly changed and time passed by happily. Me and my daughter had many happy moments together. I let her spill,  later she started to clean up with me. I let play in sand , pet a puppy, jumping in a muddy puddle, face paint herself and  now she learned to keep her clean and safe after having fun. She understood "Mommy wants her to have Fun being Safe"(Riding a roller coaster with the safety belts on) I understood "Make the child learn the way she wants it. Everybody Learns Differently"

Now she calls me her BFF (Best Friend Forever) which makes me immensely happy. There was a moment when I learnt from her. One day when my daughter asked me why was I sad?  I told her "unknowing I hurt my friend and she is mad at me now and not talking to me" My daughter told "Just talk to your friend and don't forget to use the 3 Golden Words (Please,Sorry, Thank you) she will definitely forgive you" I was very much surprised and happy to see my little girl talking so mature and clear.  Now very happy that my daughter and myself are having many ‘Khushi Ke Pal’  this would have not happened without Buddy Parenting.

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Just Homemade: Rainbow Fruit Popsicles

Picture of Rainbow Fruit Popsicles
Rainbow Fruit Popsicle is very HealthyColorful and Delicious treat for the summer. Its an easy to make recipe and the Fresh Fruits makes it more refreshing. Best Beat the Heat Treat !!! and is loved by ALL :)

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Just Homemade: Crash Diet vs Balanced Diet


Losing weight and shaping the body is the emerging trend now a days and that too very fast in a week's time.  The Crash diet that they follow are terribly shocking to know. Crash diets rarely work because we try to fool the body, but the body doesn’t buy it. Rapid weight loss diets invariably fail because they are metabolically unsound and often unsafe.

A Known  Story:
One day Crash and Balanced thought of running a race and started running towards the finish line, Crash was so fast it ran like a lightning and Balanced was slow and was almost walking. Half way through, Crash got tired and thought of taking rest under a shade and dozed off while Balanced was slow and steady and finally wins the race.

Moral: Crash is fast and weak but Balanced is slow and strong

Above might sound like a hare and tortoise kindergarten story but I would like to share a real life incident that happened few years back for my friend who was about to get married in couple of months

Meet my friend
She is a chubby (that is what we call her), beautiful, composed and a fun loving girl. Her marriage was fixed and somebody commented that she is looking fat than her would be. She felt bad and thought of losing weight in couple of weeks before marriage in order to surprise everyone.

The Diet Mission
After many hours search, Internet suggested her to go for crash diet and even showed her before and after picture. She got may different diet plans online but decided to go on a fruit and vegetable crash diet (How do I know all this, I will tell you at the end of this post). She decided not to reveal the plan until she has successfully reached her goal.

During The Mission
For few days in the office we noticed that she was only eating fruits for lunch when asked she said she is not having the craving (we even teased her saying while in love you won't feel like eating). After a week,
*  Angry bird - She was loosing her temper for small things and getting angry for nothing
* Less Productive - She was unable to think or work for longer time. She always looked tired and she started complaining that she has lot of work to do
* Always munching - Even in the meetings she started to eat fruits which was strange and others started to feel uncomfortable
* Sick leaves - She started to take leaves regularly and her leaves started to elapse

Mission Aborted
My friend was on a sick leave for couple of days and we thought it is normal until we got a call from her mother saying that she was admitted in the hospital and doctor has advised her to be in bed rest for couple more days. I went to see her in the hospital and I was welcomed by my friend with a cry and tight hug. I was worried for her and bit surprised too. I consoled her and asked what is going on to which she said something that shocked me "Crash Diet "

Doctors Report
I was really shocked when I heard she was on a crash diet (eating only fruits) but the more shocking news was the doctors report that said
* Her neural system got affected due to lack on metabolism (Reason for her to be angry bird)
* Her fat was burnt and muscles started to work more which makes her tired (Reason for less productivity)
* Not enough strength due to sudden reduction of food intake (Reason for her to be always hungry)
* Her body has lost the essential nutrients like protein, fiber, Vitamins and minerals (Reason for getting sick regularly as the immune system become weaker)

Doctor even told that if this was continued for few more weeks it might have caused serious issues to her body and mind.

Happy Ending
Finally friends and family convinced her and told her we all love her the way she is. She promised that she is not going to continue it anymore.

On my way back home, I was thanking myself and my parents for following a balanced food habit and regular health check-ups that has the following benefits

Weight Control - Eating right and exercising can help us avoid excess weight gain
Immune System health - Healthy eating habit increases the health of our natural immune power
Heart Health - Good balanced diet will reduce the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
Keep us active - Healthy body will make healthy mind. Healthy diet keeps us active
and much more..

Till this day, I did not realize what was I blessed with.  Based on my experience, Instead of eating lot unhealthy food and then trying to control using a crash diet we can control the consumption of unhealthy food and follow balanced diet and stay healthy for a long time.

I have been having Dabur Honey since my childhood till now and would like to carry on this lovely product to future generations. Honey Diet helps in achieving a balanced diet.

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