Just Homemade: Memories of My Motherhood


Every mother holds on to the memories of her child crystal clear no matter how many years pass by. Each and every moment is very special.  Motherhood brings in new kind of energy, new responsibilities, lot of happiness and satisfaction. Even the smallest accomplishments by their kids bring immense pleasure to moms. From the day one till today it has been a complete learning process and happy experience for me with my daughter.

Pregnancy :

Once I got know about my pregnancy, I was immensely happy. Weeks and months went by in this excitement. Then the day arrived when I had my scan taken. The day I first saw her. Tears rolled as the nurse showed me and identified her legs, hands, face, eyes and her heart beat. I was speechless, tears in my eyes and smiling. Wow! I love that moment. 

Labor :   

Even slightest pain seem to be like a mountain to me, but one thing I still don't understand is how I was so courageous during that time. I still doubt was it really me. After 24 hours of struggle and pain, there she was in my arms, with wide open eyes looking at me. I just looked, looked and looked at her the whole day. Finally My Fruit ! 

Baby (0 -1 year) :

First three months, admiring her was the only thing I used to do. She used to smile even when she was sleeping. Grabs on to me really tight. Slowly I was getting used to carrying her in my arms.I felt as if I was carrying around my favorite teddy bear always with me. She started to sit by herself and used to fall back purposely and laughing. I became worried when she did not crawl but would move around on her belly which used to look like a butterfly stroke. All of the sudden to my surprise, one day she stood up and started walking. I was tremendously happy. From that day on running behind her was my biggest job. Though it was little hard on me I really enjoyed. Great Exercise !! 

Toddler(1 -3 year):

With a toddler around, the house gets really dirty and also very lively. Lots of fun and loud noises. Now on her feet, free to explore the world around her. she was completely excited and always on the move. As all kids, she was also little fussy with food. One day, out of the blue she called me "Amma"(with a extra stress on M ). I just froze. I asked her again and again but she did not repeat it. I called up everyone to share my happiness. Slowly she picked little words and started speaking. She once was siting with her hands crossed and not playing with her toys. I asked her whether she was sad. she replied me "Mommy I'm not Sad , I'm Mad". I was amazed and felt my daughter is all grown up now.

Preschooler (3-5 year):

I felt, I have a special kind of bond attached with my daughter. Always around me asking questions "why is this like that?","what is this ?","what will happen ?" . She used to ask more "why" questions from my answers. There never used to be an end to her questions. She started going to school that's when I felt all lonely and pain of separation. Slowly both of us got used to it. I still preserve the first picture that she drew of me and my husband.  I was overwhelmed, when my daughter introduced me to her teacher as her BFF . Best Friend Forever !!! 

My journey with my daughter till today has been a great learning, fun, reliving my childhood and I know there are lot more to come and I am waiting what the future holds for me. But one thing is sure, whatever I am going to have is going to be a memorable one. 

Final thoughts, out of all roles and jobs I have played/done in my life till today, being a Mother is the best thing I have ever done and I'm Proud being a MOTHER.

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