Just Homemade: A Letter to My Daughter About Honesty


Dear Sweety,

In this letter, I would like to record couple of important moments in our life when you have learned 'Honesty is the best policy - When it is served with More Sugar and Less Pepper'.

Moment 1: Lesson to me

One Evening,  I was searching for your new toy that we bought on the previous day in your toy box and was unable to find. That night, I saw the toy was broken and was hidden  under your pillow, when I asked, you said that you were afraid to tell it to me so you hide it !!  I was SHOCKED!!!

Normally you share everything happening around you at school, among your friends and even your wildest imaginations but why you were you not ready to tell about the broken toy!!?  I had no clue how to handle that situation. That's when I approached my mother (your grandma). She simply said " Talk to her politely and listen to her completely without interrupting her emotions. Be a Good listener and you will figure out how to handle her. "
Later I discussed about this with your father and he said that I have been reacting to situations rather than responding to it. He also pointed out a previous instance when I reacted and he told me how I should have responded.

A month earlier when you dropped a glass bottle in the kitchen and it broke, this is what happened,

You: Mom, sorry I broke the glass and i didn't mean too.

Me (React): Oh No! that is not good, Why did you break it? Don't touch any glass items! I am mad at you now. go and sit quietly.

Your dad said, Instead of me reacting like that on that day, I should have responded like this,

Me (Respond): Oh dear! are you OK? what happened? have you noticed that the glass items are fragile and it will break if it falls down. Be careful next time when you are handling any glass items.

'Our reactions to a situation does matter a lot.' was my realization that day.

From that day, I started to respond to you rather than reacting and slowly things changed and we become BFF (as you always say I am your Best Friend Forever). You started sharing everything even breaking toys, pouring milk down etc..

Moment 2: Lesson to you

One day during a play date with your friends, you were playing with your favorite LEGO blocks building and your friend was playing with a kitchen set happily and all of sudden your friend started crying. When I asked her, she said that she offered you a pretend cake that she made specially for you and you said that it is not good and you don't like to play with her.
Even though I was happy that you openly said how you felt. I was worried that it is hurting your friends feelings and this may leave you with less friends in future.

I did lots of reading about this and came to know we have to talk about that and make you understand that 'Honesty is good if we serve it with more sugar and less pepper'. That evening, we both went to your favorite library and picked a book that talks about honesty in a fun way and we both read that book every day during the bed time. Slowly you understood the importance of honesty and how to be honest with your friends.

After couple of months, when you are playing with your friend at her house I noticed that she has offered you to play with you and to my surprise you said 'I am playing with blocks and once I am done I will join you'.  I was happy that you learned how to be honest and how to serve it better.

Final words to you: 

Being honest to you and to others is very important and Honesty is the best thing if it is served with MORE SUGAR and LESS PEPPER'

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

Good Luck Dear!!!

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