Coriander Herb - Regrowing from market bought Coriander Herb


Regrowing the coriander herb from the market bought coriander herb is very simple and easy to do process. Within few weeks time, the herb grows and yielding you with fresh coriander.

Step 1:

Take the coriander herb plant and cut the bottom of the stem which has the root. Cut the stem one inch from the root.

Step 2:

*  Take a pot with good soil and plant the cut coriander herb such a way that the stem stays above the soil and root completely in the soil.

*  The soil should be moist and not wet.

*  Place it in such a place where u get a medium amount of sunlight. If too hot it will burn       down the coriander herb.

*  Within a week time the coriander herb starts to grow. 

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