Horlicks Growth Plus : Catch Up on the Lost Growth


Lesson from Nature:

I am a strong believer in nature as I have learnt many life lessons from it including the recent one on a necessity of timely growth.

With lots of love and care, I germinated few tomato seeds and enjoyed watching it grow into small saplings. I daily water it, kept it near my apartment balcony window for sunlight. Everything  was perfect but the plant stopped its growth and started becoming weak. I was worried and tried to provide homemade fertilisers like eggshells, coffee grounds and many on my own but nothing helped and my plant slowly started dying.

Finally one day I gave up and put the pot out on my balcony thinking it won't make it. But to my surprise after few day outside my tomato plant started to have new leaves and in few weeks it became stronger and healthier but it was not able to have flowers or tomatoes before the winter frost permanently stopped its growth. I was late in providing the essential nutrients for the plant. If I had acted soon, the plant could have caught up on lost growth. 

Lesson from my daughter's friend:

This made me understand that it is very important to have an adequate growth at the adequate time. Another incident that happened to my 5 years old daughter's classmate, who was obese and had less immune power which caused her to go through lots physical and mental pressure. Most of the time she won't be coming to the school due to sickness.

It all happened one day when I got the chance to see her parents who were sad and was talking to the class teacher about something. I realised they are discussing their daughter's situation and I thought of waiting near the school entrance to talk to them.

After 30 minutes, my daughter's friend's parents came out. I stopped them and asked them about the meeting and I was shocked to hear that my daughter's friend is quite unwell and she is admitted to a hospital to undergo an immediate medical treatment to control her blood cholesterol level.

For the next few weeks, every alternate day I took my daughter to see her friend as it makes my daughter's friend feel happy and that made my daughter's friend's mother and I close friends.

Once after the treatment was completed, I asked her to come over to my house for a lunch on Friday and she came as planned. During that time I asked her to know what went wrong with her daughter. After a little hesitation, she said that the doctors said it is because of the regular unhealthy food and the eating habits at her home were the main reason that impacted their 5 years old daughter's physical and the mental health. She also said that even though the treatment can cure her current physical illness, she was advised to stay away from her unhealthy foods, to do more physical activities and she won't be able to continue the school for the current school year.

This incident and the tomato plant incident has made me think how important is to have an adequate growth at the adequate time. Giving the child a healthy food and good food habits at the early age would make them grow stronger and sharper. Horlicks have been helping and supporting healthy child growth for many generations now.

I can firmly state that it is utmost very important to provide the child an adequate growth for a better themselves, country and the world and Horlicks Growth Plus  helps the Children to catch up on the Lost Growth.

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